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We’ve Donated The Fetus’ Brain to Science

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Our 32 week fetus as seen by a fetal MRI. No wonder the kicks are so strong. His/her feet are huge.

Our nearby children’s hospital is one of the few in the country that performs Fetal MRI’s, which allow researchers to study brain development in utero and how that might be connected to say, heart defects.

So I got asked by our midwife to take part in one of these studies, which often need “normal controls”. (Fetus is “normal,” apparently.) Just got back some photos from the Fetal MRI we got this week, at 32 weeks.

We still don’t know the sex (so if you can tell what it is please do us a solid and don’t tell us), but I do feel for my poor little baby who seems to be really crammed up in there without much space.

Also, the fetus seems to have gigantic feet.

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August 2nd, 2012 at 12:44 pm

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