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Since the November trip to Barcelona, we rang in the new year in Austin, then together made the decision to leave the place that we’ve loved living to decamp for Washington, DC. I (Elise) got a job offer from NPR in late December, and it was a pretty sweet gig, so Matty and I decided to go for it. Before the move, we squeezed in a trip to my mom’s beloved homeland, Taiwan, (photos are Facebooked but I need to put them up here), and then we split up for the past month, me living in DC and starting our life here, Matty staying back in Texas to finalize the move and work obligations.

I’ve been by myself but surrounded by plenty of friends from Texas and elsewhere who come into town, or call this area their home. They’ve introduced me to a lot of places to eat and drink already, so I’ve been tracking them with a handy Google Map.

Click on the map to view it larger, and click on each plot point to read more about the place.

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March 7th, 2011 at 12:19 am

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