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Just in Time

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Nearly six years ago, just weeks before Matty and I started dating, he made me a mix CD he called the “AnyHu Mix.” Somehow it got lost in my moves and I hadn’t been able to locate AnyHu Mix since my days in Spartanburg, SC. But tonight, as I was rummaging around for a blank CD, I found it, just in time for our wedding ceremony later this week. A lot of the music stood the test of time… just like our coupledom.

CD and liner note for the AnyHu Mix

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May 24th, 2010 at 3:03 am

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Details, Details

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We’re nearly one week away from the wedding weekend and I know many of you will be in Europe before Matty and me. Great news – the Euro is falling! A few reminders and important contact information:

Please check the site for general notes about travel and the TIME SCHEDULE for all the events. You are invited to attend all of them, but I know some of you will be leaving Sunday morning and miss the brunch. The short version:

Rehearsal Dinner
7:00pm Sea Palace

Wedding Ceremony
5:00pm Tassenmuseum

Cocktail Reception on the Herengracht Canal
6:15pm (approximate boat takeoff time)

Dinner at NH Doelen Hotel

Elise, Matty and the younger crowd heads out to party
10:15-10:30pm, depending on when everyone is ready

Goodbye Brunch at Brasserie Harkema

FRIDAY, start of festivities:
Most of us should be at NH Doelen Hotel by afternoon, so note the main hotel number below to try and reach any of the other guests who you know are in attendance.

If you are in the wedding party, we have changed the rehearsal time to earlier in the day, 1:30pm. I know that for some of the bridesmaids it will be a tight turnaround from your flights. So I have instructed the driver to take y’all straight to the rehearsal from the airport.

The first time we’ll all be together as a group is Friday night for the rehearsal dinner at 7:30pm, at Sea Palace Restaurant.

Elise will have a cell phone with her as soon as she lands in Holland. That number (with country code) is:


The Netherlands country code is 31 – the rest of the numbers below do not have country code, so add it if you are calling from a different country’s phone.

Peter Holt, Taxi Driver: 06-51097042 (available to and from the airport)
Tim Laan, Wedding Planner: 646121790
Sea Palace (Rehearsal Dinner Friday) (0)20 62 64 777
NH Doelen Hotel (Main Wedding Hotel) “020-5246452
Brasserie Harkema (Brunch Location) 020-4282222

If you are flying into Schipol on Thursday or Friday and have not told me otherwise, then a driver will be picking you up. You will find drivers (or Elise’s family members) waiting for you after baggage claim as you come out to the general reception area.

Please reach out to me with any questions. Thank you, we love you and we’ll see you soon!

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May 20th, 2010 at 2:47 am

What up!

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Photo by Caleb Bryant Miller

Now that we’re lawfully wedded, we decided this here Hu-Stiles personal blog would be useful to stay in touch with our friends. The Amsterdam wedding and the whole lifetime together bit is still ahead of us, and we thought this would eventually be a good place to share some photos and observations from that trip. (The photo to the right is taken on May 10th, as we were awaiting our quickie ceremony at the criminal courthouse.)

Of course, viewers/readers of our politics and government reporting will probably prefer sticking with our professional work. And Elise is keeping her own rarely-updated personal blog in her own corner of the web. But hey, in a world of cyber-proliferation, what’s another blog?

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May 17th, 2010 at 5:57 pm

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